People Trained

Viidhi Taneja

Like every child during childhood decides upon their hobbies and interests, I too was sparked by something; baking. Browsing through recipe books and trying my hands on in the kitchen was literally like a routine for me. My leisures were generally occupied with experimenting in the kitchen. Also, I always baked cakes and prepared deserts for family unions and was appreciated for the same. Eventually, I decided to pursue this hobby professionally. I then began surfing through creative sources and started with simple cakes, as an amateur. Discovering my flair for cooking and baking, I wanted to try something new. Surfing through the Internet, I came across an alluring site; Sugarcraft India. The cakes displayed were epitomes of preciseness, creativity and beauty. I was quite inquisitive about this section of bakery, therefore, I scrolled down to see the name of Swati Jain. I was impressed by her work and was delighted to know that she conducted classes. I gave it a thought and attended her class (Level 1). I was elated to see a massive improvement in my work of sugarcrafting; detail oriented, neat and new. Eventually, I went for several more levels and learnt how to make human figures, realistic flowers, wedding cakes etc. Today, I'm heartily grateful to Swati since she has helped me so much with progressing in my work. Her work inspired me to keep trying new things and excelling in sugarcrafting. I dedicate my success to Swati Jain and Sugarcraft India... Thank you 


Divya Narula Khanna

To begin with Sugarcraft India is not jus normal classes but a whole new different learning experience. Swati doesn't only teach whats in the course but a lot more than that, she guides us on each and every step nd is always there when we r in doubt. I would highly recommend Sugarcraft India. Swati is not only inspiring but motivating too, she s a perfectionist herself nd constantly pushes us, motivates us to perfection. Thank you for everything.

Seema Tyagi

Almost three n half years back when I jumped in to the cake world I had no idea about fondant or decorating cakes… All I wanted to do, to make cakes like I saw a programme on TLC “Fabulous Cakes”. At that point of time there were not many classes or guidance available in India. While searching for some help, I was lucky enough to find  ‘Sugar Craft of India’ a Pioneer in cake decoration classes in India. Sugar Craft India opened a whole new world of cake decoration techniques in front of me… I was like Alice in Wonderland  So I attended all levels of cake decoration available at that time and some other special classes. During all those sessions I learned one most important thing that if your basics are right, you can go up to any level. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Swati Jain for not being easy on me till I get things done almost perfect. Though I still have to go a long way but you gave me a direction and I am happy to find you as my mentor.

Hiral Suthar Agarwal

Creating and baking cakes is what every baker does but giving life to cakes is what a Sugarcraft student does....! That's how I would sum it up. Thanks to Swati jain and Sugarcraft India,I have been able to take my creations to a new high all together, be it the explanation behind every why, how and what of fondant making, to the miniscule details of figurines and other fancy creations. Thank you Sugarcraft India for giving flight to my cakes. 

Sugarcraft India classes are held at frequent intervals in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore with other cities added depending on demands for the same. We can also schedule special workshops based on popular requests. Please refer to our Calendar or like our Facebook page for latest updates.